Reach your listeners everywhere – at home, in thier cars, on phone, at work.

People live busy lives. Let them take your message with them everywhere.Its easy to set up and very afforbale. 

Let’s  Build You Apps

And be there when your followers look for you

There are a lot of companies out there that will promise you an “app” when you subscribe to thier streaming plan. What this really means is that you are tied to thier apron for life.. You stop paying, Your app is gone.

Build Your Own App

Stay Connected

Send customized push notifications to your followers

Speed Up Processes

Its easier to get in touch using the in-app contact buttons

Easy Access

Instant access to your streams with the touch of a button

Promote Your Events

Promote events through your apps and on your live channels

Video On Demand

Upload sermons and services so members can watch anytime

Save Thousands

Change your streaming platfrom when you want to..

More Info

Kojak Media is a Marketing Communications company that designs and installs integrated media Solutions for LIVE broadcasting from sports venues, corporate events, educational institutions and houses of worship.

We focus on using digital technology and affordable but quality   equipment for our projects so you get the same results as the company that spent a fortune for their setup.

Kojak Media also produces, packages and distributes a series of high conversion interactive content  for diverse platforms on behalf of clients.

Interested In Starting A TV Ministry?

It’s the year 2018. It’s the digital Era. If you want to grow a Church or Prayer Ministry, you will need to reach out to people so they know what God is doing with your ministry. Let’s help you set up a TV or Radio Ministry that will win more souls.