Interactive Videos
Interactive Videos are generally described as videos that support any form end user/viewer interaction with the video whilst it is still playing or available on screen. By this definition, any video that allows you the viewer to make a choice on screen as to how you would like to proceed can be considered an Interactive Video. Here is a sample video.



Interactive videos normally allow gestures, voice, touch or clicking. The user interaction is inside the video itself. Users can fill out forms, get real time directions, ask questions, answer quizzes, read about the brand and even change the order in which they experience the content of the video. 

Cool right? If videos communicate a large amount of information in seconds, Interactive videos go one step further – they involve and engage the customer in ways that can only be positive for your brand.


Interactive Videos & Branching Structure
Interactive Videos are differentiated by what is identified as the BRANCHING structure. It is the one single thing that determines the filtering method adopted, who, how and where you send a customer. This also influences what menu options you offer up when prospects are drawn to your page or video,


There are five (5) main types of branching at this time. The Shallow Menu, Tailored Messaging, Pass & Fail, Customized Tutorials and the Chapter Structure. Each of these branching structures have their own strengths and weaknesses. We provide a detailed guide to these types of branching and how to use them HERE


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