Types of Branching Structures

There are five (5) main types of branching at this time. The Shallow Menu, Tailored Messaging, Pass & Fail, Customized Tutorials and the Chapter Structure. Each of these branching structures have their own strengths and weaknesses.



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Shallow Menu

This type of Interactive Video structure allows the viewer to choose from a top menu in other to proceed to a sub menu and then to another sub menu, following a specific path. At the end of the cycle, the viewer can  choose to go back to the top menu and choose another path to learn more about another product or service. 

This module works well with tutorials and other heavy content projects but must focus on a common theme or product. The advantage to this type pf project is that it keeps the viewer interacting with your content on your platform


Tailored Messaging

This structure can be used to tailor the message towards the user. You can use a filter in the intro video to profile the user by asking them a simple question to determine their interest. Little things a user’s age, sex, or role in organization can be very useful in helping you send them to the content that will best serve their interest.

The Tailored messaging branching module is very effective when used for product or service selection. 


Pass and Fail

This is one of the straightforward structures that allows the user to continue their interaction with the video content for as long as they stay with the rules. It’s a simple question and answer trip, so if they get the answer right, you move them on to the next level and keep them going.
If they get an answer wrong, they get a another chance to redeem themselves or get returned to the last stage. You can also use the multiple choice answer format to achieve the same result. It works very well for training or turning boring content into something exciting.