Customer Testimonials

60% of buyers surveyed recently don’t believe reviews they read online. There is a perception out there the actors behind a written customer’s testimonial could be fake.

The same group of buyers said that they would believe video testimonials more than they would text because video testimonials provide the person’s name, company and visual. They can see the customer’s  actions, body posture and mannerism and that will inform their decision to believe it or not.

Talk To Us

Creates Credibilty

Using one of your real customers to tell your story is one of the smartest things to do. It create credibility immediately in the eyes of potential customers and erodes any negative impressions that other customers may have out.


Tell Your Story

Video testimonial videos tell your story through the eyes of an actual customer.


Broader Audience

Video is shared more frequently than text by people who connect with it. Your customers will spread the word on your behalf