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It’s the year 2017. It’s the digital Era. If you want to grow a Church or Prayer Ministry, you will need to reach out to people so they know what God is doing with your ministry. Let’s help you set up a TV or Radio Ministry that will win more souls.

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Video Production

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever created. We have the experience and team to create an affordable but very powerful video production  set-up for you.

Media Strategy

Try to imagine this – you are in a hallway full of people, all talking at the same time. How do you get your message across the room to those you really need to reach to grow your Ministry?

Mobile Apps

In today’s digital world, the first thing people reach for when they wake up is their digital device. It’s how they find what they need. Is your Ministry findable? Are you growing your church?

Live TV to OTT

Consistency matters. But it goes hand-in-hand with reaching people. Here is your chance to build your own 24-hour Radio & TV platform capable of streaming LIVE & VOD content.

Your Ministry Deserves a Channel

Stream live Church Services, Recorded Sermons, Conventions, Crusades and great Gospel Content 24/7 to your members and the rest of the world from anywhere! Let’s show you how to do that in one conversation!

Here is what you need to successfully stream a PROFESSIONAL Radio or TV Channel with captions and graphics like the big media houses!

Its what we do. We will let you know what equipment to buy, what services to subscribe to and we will bring in the experts to set it all up and train your team. We have you covered – from start to finish!


All packages come with an option to stream to your OWN apps – ROKU. AMAZON FIRE, GOOGLE TV, SMART TV’S, ANDROID, APPLE TV, IOS, WINDOWS, BLACKBERRY. You can choose any combination of apps and we will create them for you.

Let’s  Build You Apps

And be there when your followers look for you

There are a lot of companies out there that will promise you an “app” when you subscribe to thier streaming plan. What this really means is that you are tied to thier apron for life.. You stop paying, Your app is gone.

Build Your Own App

Stay Connected

Send customized push notifications to your followers

Speed Up Processes

Its easier to get in touch using the in-app contact buttons

Easy Access

Instant access to your streams with the touch of a button

Promote Your Events

Promote events through your apps and on your live channels

Video On Demand

Upload sermons and services so members can watch anytime

Save Thousands

Change your streaming platfrom when you want to..


Most people who want to research a product today go online. Your competition realizes that over 70% of prospects make the decision to buy after watching a video. It’s why they are using video to tell their story. Are you ready to compete – or close down?